Affirmations Changed My Life!

Stephanie Lyn Life Coaching
2 min readJul 29, 2020

Throughout my life, I never realized how important affirmations were. I also did not realize that every day whether I knew it or not I was speaking words of affirmations. These words or phrases were mostly negative. They were filled with poor self-talk habits, assumptions, and limiting beliefs. Unfortunately, I did not know what I was doing and the damage I was causing myself.

As I began to learn, my thoughts either helped to make me feel confident, have high self-worth and value, push past my fears or they create massive stress, worry, insecurities, and fear in my life.

The truth is what you think will either help you or hurt you.

Affirmations have the ability to reprogram your subconscious mind which holds all of your wounds. It also has the power to create the feelings you want to feel peace, happiness, and contentment.

And Affirmations are statements with the goal of positively impacting the conscious and subconscious mind. The goal of affirmations is to be impacting our habits, thinking, and behavior.

Begin repeating these affirmations daily, even multiple times a day to begin reprogramming your thinking and heal your subconscious mind.

I am beautiful.
I am loved.
I am enough.
I let go of negative self-talk.
I am not my mistakes.
I have the power to change my life.
I am supported.
I am wanted.
I am protected. I am deserving of happiness.
I am deserving of love.
The only approval I need is my own.
I am learning every day.
I am grateful for all that I have.
I choose self-love.
I am free to make my own decisions.
I am confident.
I release any need for suffering.
I am balanced.
I am flawed and now no one is perfect.
I honor my inner voice.
I am not afraid to feel my feelings.
I am exactly where I need to be.
I attract positive people into my life.
I see the positive in every situation.

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