How To Manage Client Relationships as an Entrepreneur

Stephanie Lyn Life Coaching
4 min readDec 22, 2022

Managing client relationships take time and effort. The person-to-person relationship between entrepreneurs and their clients, investors, and community can be difficult to balance.

When working to grow our business, we have this huge desire and need to be liked and be received well because we need that for our business to succeed. Entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to have more personal and dependent relationships with clients than what larger businesses experience. This is usually because losing a customer, or a negative experience can significantly impact smaller businesses. So more time and care is put into managing these relationships, especially in the beginning, to give their business a chance at life.

Building Deeper Relationships

We put so much into our business that we need those deeper relationships with our clients. Luckily there are several ways to do that.

1. Listen

Clients are often direct and upfront with their needs and the issues that they are experiencing. Giving them the space and time to express their concerns will be important.

2. Show You Are More Than a Business

People want real, genuine relationships, and that means showing who you are. Not everything can be a sales pitch and shouldn’t be treated as such. Show the human side behind the business.

3. Communicate Appropriately

You want to make sure you are communicating openly and honestly. You also want to be smart with how you’re communicating. Some things are better said face-to-face, and some things can be said over email or messenger.

4. Respect Their Time

Everyone’s time is important. That is why it is crucial that you put effort into staying on time and not dragging meetings out. As an entrepreneur, you will get busy and tied up, which is why you have to put in the extra effort to make sure you are honoring your time commitments. When setting dates for deliverables, make sure you are accurate and not overrepresent your ability to produce.

Building that relationship takes time, but the steps themselves are relatively simple. What can be difficult for many entrepreneurs…